The Memories We Keep Original Art

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This is a one of a kind, original, watercolor painting. Created in my home study to capture the essence of telling a story. I painted this piece thinking of the beautiful background in relationships. It's more than one moment between two people- its all of the moments leading up to their happiness or demise. This painting features layers of silhouettes hidden in its body.

This piece of art was showcased in my booth at the Farmers Park art show as one of my main pieces.

The first thing you probably see is the woman, arching over the top of the page. Second, the couple surrounded by the glow of the sunset nestled in the center of the painting. What you may not have noticed is their shadows cast on the page leaving white silhouettes beneath them. The head of a woman and a man. Even the colors of morning and night take the shape of two animals, the fox and the stag.
Not everyone sees every piece of the story and that's okay, it's art. What you see is what matters.

This piece of art is an 18 x 24 in. and it comes already framed. A classic black frame to showcase this painting to its full potential. The perfect gift for art lovers, collectors, or fans of unique illustrative styles that tell a story. Not to mention a great present to your other half on your anniversary to show the depth of your love!

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