When Inspiration Strikes


      I remember every stroke in this painting. I started with the eyes and watching the colors spill out over the page as if her gaze brought them into being. Creating a painting ... is so relaxing. Almost meditative. When I'm painting I can block out the rest of the world and just be myself. Art is like an entire world I get the chance to mold. The hardest part is always getting the sketch just right, and the rest just flows. 

       I wanted to share with you what was behind each piece. I figured that if I would start with anything it would be this piece. This one reminds me of the time I realized I wanted art to be my life. 

        This piece came from a dream I had, one that felt more like a memory. There was this apple tree I used to sit under, in a field in Oregon. An Icelandic sheep farm I lived on for several years- became a sanctuary in my mind. The golden fields, the ripening black berries, wild roses and the sweet wind mixed with the baking heat of the sun. I felt safe there, with a sketchpad in my lap. A nosy sheep nudging me for handouts with the smell of wool and hay in the air. This is the place where I fell in love with art all over again. 


   After that dream I had a pencil in my hand before I could blink the sleep from my eyes. Worried I would forget any of it I spent hours drawing at my desk until I had it all down. I chose to go with my favorite style- the surreal portraits I became so fond of living in Missouri. Once I finished the sketch I could breath again. Knowing that my work would be something real.

       I always paint with an emotion in mind, a feeling I wish to portray in colors and shapes. The emotion for this piece was peace. The rare moments that we keep locked away, our escape from reality in our memories where we feel safe. I wanted more than anything to have a window back into that place. So I made one.

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