How I got Started

     I've loved telling stories since I was old enough to talk, and it runs in the family. Storytellers, adventurers, a people that could get lost in their imagination. I was no exception, and I spent every possible minute with my nose in a book. Reading about dragons and magic, becoming well acquainted with the realms of the impossible. It was an escape, and one I desperately needed. So when I came to realize that I could make these amazing places, tell these incredible stories, I was ecstatic.  

      Now I didn't take up writing stories as I wanted to see it. All these things I had locked inside my head. What I needed now was the practice to get the page to look like my thoughts. That's how it started. My addiction to art, and tiny watercolor brushes. lost in a book blog artist

     So I stand for telling a story, and becoming inspired to the point you lose yourself. The mark of the best stories are the ones that leave you desperate for just one more chapter. Even if it means you get a few less hours of sleep each night


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